I love Autumn.

Crisp, bright days with a chill in the air. You can go for a long walk in the crunchy leaves with your favourite people, then cosy up together back inside on the sofa with a hot cup of tea.


On this particular day I had the pleasure of spending it with one of my favourite clients, along with not only her family, but several other families as well!

I’d been booked to shoot a gathering of an NCT group, for what would be sadly, their final official meeting, as all the babies had now arrived!

We convened at The Glebe in Sutton, where the families were all gathered and already having fun by the time I got there. (How very dare they!)

With it being a gorgeous day, I found a beautiful spot in the garden to shoot. St Andrew’s Church, which is quite lovely, watched over us, and can be seen in the background of the group shots. It looks like a great place to have a wedding. I’ve never shot one there, so if you do have plans to marry there, let me know!

The sun blessed us with amazing afternoon light, making the already yellowing leaves glow a brilliant gold and without exception, the children were all happy and smiley! I can honestly say I’ve never shot so many smiling infants in one go – normally there are a few tears or some might be reluctant, but they were all awake, (A big plus for me,) and not only content, but grinning away as you can see:

But there was more fun to come …

After the individual family shoots, there was food, a little bit of fizz to celebrate (for the adults,) and then entertainment in the form of  Mrs Melody: 

there was just enough light …

To grab some group shots:

As the sun began to dip

We popped back inside and everyone pitched in to help pack things away. Each family then took a turn to say why they were thankful for the group, and how it had helped them, which was very touching. There were a few happy tears and a lot of hugs and I know just from watching, that there have been lasting friendships forged in the group through the bonds of parenthood.

A very special thank you to all involved, especially Alfie, Alice, Elara, Ella, Marnie, Rohan, Rudy, and Rupert, who were super stars! 

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