Hi, I’m Mike.

I’m the owner of
Narshada Photography,

And I want to
make you smile.


That’s my goal.

Whether you’re a busy parent who wants pictures of their kids to give to family, or a business owner who needs high quality images of their products to put online, I can help.


There is no better job in the world than making people smile, it’s the most incredible feeling. I love making people smile, either by having fun during a photo session, or simply by delivering beautiful images, I guarantee I can make you smile.


As for me:

I’m a husband, and father to a wonderful six year old girl, (who rarely wants to sit still for a photograph,) as well as unsuccessful herder of two cats. I’m something of a geek – when I’m not photographing or learning new techniques I like to watch Star Wars movies and play with tech, as well as spend time with family and friends; read (sci-fi, fantasy and horror with some selected non-fiction,); watch films or binge on TV shows, (similar genres,) and play video games.

I’m Marvel with a touch of DC, I’m Star Wars with a bit of Star trek, I’m an Apple geek who used to work as a PC technician.

As someone who always had a passion for creating art and a head for technology, photography is the perfect medium for me, right at the crossroads of artistic and technical. Recently I’ve been branching out into both product photography, which involves technical lighting setups and precision focussing, and drone photography, which involves soaring into the air and viewing the world from an entirely new perspective – allowing me to seek out new compositions and angles to show off our amazing world. Both are rapidly becoming a regular part of my photography work.

But that’s enough about me – you need photos! So get in touch.


Use the form below to find out more and see how I can show you in your best light.


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Dr. Andrew Davison, author profile headshot

Dr. Andrew Davison

Ely cathedral from the air

Ely cathedral


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Happy clients, past and present

I absolutely love the pictures. They are amazing!! Thanks so much!
I will be using them very soon on my website, FB etc.
Hope to work together again soon!

Georgina L

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

07837 858390